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Multiple regions, multiple markets and used by multiple departments. Drive product innovation, uncover new trends and fuel research.

Global /multilingual usage for multiple groups. Drive innovation across different functions. Identify product gaps and build strategy.

Multiple international markets. Drive Product strategy and market intelligence and digital transformation.

Monitor enterprise applications and related unstructured data sources. On-prem deployment.

Product strategy across multiple markets. Fuel aggressive growth across multiple geographies. Stay ahead of the competition.

Identify new market opportunities. Expanded view of multiple product categories. Product and competitive strategy.

Identify product feedback signals to fuel global consumer insights and fuel marketing.

Store/Services insights for international markets. Multilingual dashboard and reports. Drive specific actions for operational improvements.

Product and competitive strategy. Source of truth for product and competitive strategy. Advanced product planning.

Product and market strategy for key product lines. Product tracking and competitive strategy.

Provide deep product insights to their brand partners. Augment marketing strategy and campaigns.

Product strategy and market signals for key brands within this leading brand.


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