B2B Companies

Automate your customer experience across a variety of business clients. Use AI to document and understand meeting sentiments & trade show experiences.

Use your meeting with business clients and get structured feedback from your key customers.

Use voice survey to document business meetings. Eliminate spreadsheets and guesswork.

Extract insights from long customer meetings

Sales Operation

Record business meetings using our Voice AI.

User voice survey tool to interview your business customers.

Create a simple and engaging mobile-based survey, and deploy with customer attention in hand.

Executives Meetings

Keep track of your team’s interactions with customers and prospects. Get automated report generated by AI.

Arm your team with prioritized feature set and competitive offerings.

Marketing Events

Use voice survey tool to interview your customers at trade shows.

Send out surveys to your customers and get feedback.

A leading global automotive company taps Commerce AI to obtain consumer insights of their global consumer base. Commerce AI aggregates customer data across two populations in multiple languages to bring a single source of truth, as well as identify and compare population specific insights that can set them apart from their regional competitors.
Andy Pandharikar

Global compliance manager, Intuit

A major food & beverage company deployed Commerce AI to identify and understand the beverage categories that will best fit their new product. With access to over ½ million product and data points, Commerce AI helped develop a new product strategy backed by a predictive data model.
Melanie Gallager

Global compliance manager, Intuit

Market analysts and investment firms tap into Commerce AI’s category, product and customer database to help them understand a market, frame their thesis and make informed decisions.
Melanie Gallager

Global compliance manager, Intuit

Product team

Uncover fast trending opportunities. Track products and prioritize features.

Insights Team

Skip months of manual analysis and get right to higher order insights.


Investigate industry specific current trends and predict future trends.


Use product insights to steer company strategy.


Build advanced intelligence based on clean data specific to your industry.

Quality & SUPPORT

Drill down into specific product issues. Identify issues early and solve problems faster.

The power of 56,000 industry experts at your fingertips

We have answers. What is your question?


Bring consumer language to your product catalog and drive world class SEO.


Really get to know your users and influencers. Amplify their voices using AI.